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At the heart of our business is the desire to take care of you, YOU our cherished clients. Jane'M always has you in mind, so do tell us the best we can serve.

I simply LOVE Janem Spa! I am a spa addict and I have been on the prowl for a REAL spa in Accra but all to no avail.
I have been so disappointed time and time again by following most of the sponsored ads on social media with heavily PHOTOSHOPPED pictures only to get to the spas and the reality is not only disappointing but also underwhelming!
Anyway, finally, I have FOUND a spa that is world class by all standards.
Most importantly, the spa is super clean, the staff are courteous and professional and the oh the ginger infused tea is now my new religion!

Mrs Selasie Gbedemah 12-07-17

I love going to Janem spa. I feel really pampered regardless of what I do, whether it's a pedicure or massage or just painting my nails. Their massages are to die for and I don't miss my weekly "fix" . Truly serene and relaxing environment with excellent customer service.


It's not often I experience great customer service in Ghana. JaneM has shown that it can be done! Looking forward to my next visit!


I've been to Jane's for my manipedi. I found the team very attentive, loved the products and the thorough treatment. I really felt like a queen. I will definitely go back when l am next in Ghana.
BTW, loved the interior decor of JaneM. Among the best I've been to!

Tina Muparadzi

I have personally experienced the services of Jane'M. I felt unique . I am not treated as a mere customer. The team are always eager to make me feel at home and pampered. Jane'M is a whole experience to be enjoyed - Hands and feet made to feel special, hair that is handled with such tenderness , body that is so pampered you step out with a silk feel.

You must simply experience Jane'M . It's a whole world which has been well thought through and clearly with the client at the heart of it

Nana Essilfuah Boison

Jane'M, it's one big place in the midst of small salons and I love the foot spa privacy. It's a privacy booster 😍
You don't feel like others are just watching It's just niiiice 😍

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Our Teams are fully dedicated to delighting you with personalized ‘wow’ experiences. They are professional & well trained with great attitude to ensure absolute client satisfaction.
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