Relaxation Swedish Massage

Jane’M Relaxation Swedish Massage with therapeutic organic oils, calms your nervous system, improves your blood circulation and restores yours muscles.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Jane’M Calming Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage with therapeutic organic oils, relieves headaches, tension in your upper body and stimulates your spinal nerve.

Foot Massage

Jane’M Relaxing Foot & Leg Massage with therapeutic organic oils, sooths and rejuvenates your mind, increases your metabolism and makes you feel balanced.

Hot Stone Massage

Jane’M Hot Stone Massage with therapeutic organic oils and warm polished smooth stones, unlocks tension deep within your muscles and melts away stress for a therapeutic effect on your body & mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

Jane’M Deep Tissue Massage with therapeutic organic oils, targets and releases tension deep in your muscles to help reduce chronic pain & improve flexibility.  

Body Scrub

Jane’M Body Scrub makes your skin smooth and supple to touch. We use different body scrubs to remove dead skin cells, cleanse and clarify your skin. Then, continue with a steam towel body wipe and moisturizer. Get your glow on! 

Sport Massage

Jane’M Deep Sports Massage takes utmost care with gentle tissues stretches to prevent muscles soreness, promotes flexibility and improves performance.


Aromatherapy Sauna Treatment for a deep healthy sweat to flush out toxins & fade away your tension.


Soothing Bubbling Jacuzzi Soak to treat your sore muscles and make you feel invigorated.